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EXCLUSIVE: Lucas Martins out to prove that he is the biggest fighter in BRAVE CF

LockerRoom Team
07 September 2023

Former BRAVE CF Lightweight champion Lucas "Mineiro" Martins. Originally slated to face Amin Ayoub, Martins now finds himself up against Ylies Djiroun, a formidable opponent with a different style. In an exclusive interview with LockerRoom, Martins opened up about the sudden change, his striking prowess, and his aspirations for recapturing the BRAVE CF gold.

Q1: You initially prepared to face Amin Ayoub, but now you're up against Ylies Djiroun. How has this sudden change in opponent affected your training and game plan for this fight?

Martins: This is not the first time my opponents have run from me. Marcel Grabinski and Amin Ayoub have run away from me twice. There are some changes, for sure. I was going to face more of a striker, and now I believe my new opponent will try to hold me and stall. But I didn’t come all the way from Brazil to let him dictate what happens in the fight. I will impose my will, and I will exchange with him, wrestle him, do whatever. It’s an MMA fight, and my goal is winning.

Q2: You're known for your striking skills, including your recent knockout win. How do you plan to utilize your striking abilities to secure a victory against Ylies Djiroun, who has a reputation for being durable and hard to submit?

Martins: I’m always ready for any type of opponent, and I truly feel like I’m better than him everywhere. He’s a great athlete, who deserves this main event spot, but he’s never fought someone like myself. I’m the biggest challenge of his career, and I believe he’ll feel the pressure once he sees me standing across from him in the cage. I’ll walk forward and throw everything at him.

Q3: You've mentioned your aspiration to recapture the BRAVE CF gold. How does this fight serve as a platform to further solidify your legacy and potentially lead to an encounter with the reigning champion, Abdisalam Kubanychbek?

Martins: I need to win this fight, but I feel that when I beat my opponent on September 7, I will need to fight for the title once again. Everyone knows that’s my wish, but right now my focus is on winning the fight at BRAVE CF 74. Afterward, we’ll see what happens. I believe I have nothing left to prove after September 7, so yes, a fight with Kubanych should be next. Everyone knows I’m the biggest fighter in BRAVE CF, and I’ll prove it again at BRAVE CF 74. I'll be the biggest challenge of his career, just as I am for everyone in the division.

As Lucas "Mineiro" Martins gears up for his high-stakes clash against Ylies Djiroun in the main event at BRAVE CF 74, fans can expect an explosive showdown that could pave the way for a title shot and further solidify his status as one of the most formidable fighters in the promotion.


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