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Artem Lobov set to launch second lawsuit against Conor McGregor

LockerRoom Team
14 December 2022

Artem Lobov, Conor McGregor's longtime friend and training partner whom he recently called a "rat" on social media, is preparing to suit him for the second time.

According to the Irish Independent, Lobov claims McGregor launched a "planned social media barrage" with the objective of harassing, intimidating, and defaming him after he filed a legal action against Proper Twelve Whiskey last month.

Following a few days of silence, McGregor returned to Twitter with an unflattering song about Lobov, who is suing him.

"Na na na na na! Artem is a rat!" Hey! Na, na, na! Hey! Artem is a rat, na na na na na na. Hey! "Rat," he yelled.

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Lobov also claimed that McGregor's father Tony harassed him personally on Instagram, which Notorious refers to in his multiple social media rants about Lobov.

Just over a year ago, McGregor and two other investors sold their holdings in Proper Twelve for $600 million [£503 million], making him the richest man in sports.

Lobov's initial lawsuit alleges an agreement existed that entitled him to 5% of the $180 million [£151 million] McGregor earned from the sale, but the MMA legend denies ever making such an agreement.

According to an affidavit filed by McGregor's lawyer, Lobov stated in 2019: "I swear on my child's life that I will not take a cent out of the whisky trade."

McGregor and Lobov's legal struggle will most likely last until 2023, when the former dual-weight UFC champion will hopefully return to combat after a long absence.

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The Irishman has been sidelined due to injury since July 2021, but he is now totally recovered and says he will arrange a fight in February as long as his ongoing dispute with the UFC's drug testing department does not interfere.

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