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Artem Lobov details what happened during his altercation with Khabib

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Calendar Icon06 January 2022

One of the incidents that led to the bad blood between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor was the confrontation that Khabib had with Artem Lobov in New York.

The incident happened during UFC 223 at the Barclays Center in New York and this eventually led to the infamous dolly throwing incident as well. During a recent interview with Severe MMA, Artem Lobov recalled the incident.

The Russian said that Khabib initially talked to him alone only to leave and come back with a group of people.

"Khabib then came up to me alone and he started saying all this to me, 'What are you saying?' I said, 'Khabib hold on a second. If somebody would call your brother a chicken, would you have answered something to him?' And he was like, can't really say anything cause he knew I was right. So he turned around and went away. So I picked the phone back up and continued my interview. But then a minute or two later Khabib comes back with fifty... I don't know whatever, how many guys were there. He comes back and suddenly he is changed. Now I'm telling him the exact same thing again like,' You would have done the same thing.' And he is asking me the same question over and over,” Lobov recalled.

According to Lobov, the confrontation was a result of Lobov’s criticism of Khabib in an interview with the Russian Media. The incident at UFC 223 ended in Khabib reportedly slapping Lobov which irked Conor McGregor who flew down to the United States and attacked Khabib and his team.

All the incidents culminated in the showdown between Conor and Khabib at UFC 229 which ended in favor of the Dagestani MMA star.

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