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Jon Jones is far better than Khabib: Fans speak out after UFC 285

LockerRoom Team
05 March 2023

The GOAT debate featuring Jon Jones and Khabib Nurmagomedov might have come to an end last day after UFC 285. A long list of fans feels so.

Jon Jones made his return after a long gap of three years and became the UFC Heavyweight champion. He was making his debut at Heavyweight and in the process, he also entered the elite list of two-division champions in the promotion.

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After the victory of Jones, fans started to point out how Jones is a better fighter than Khabib. A long list of tweets has been flooding Twitter, especially about the same. Some tweets have laid down numbers as well which showcases the insane distance between Jones and Khabib when it comes to the stats. You can see some responses below.

“Jon Jones is far higher than Khabib on the GOAT list and idk why people are struggling with this. Khabib simply retired before cementing his legacy while Jones has been making his better and better. I'm no Jones fan but even I can see that lmfao,”

“Khabib Nurmagomedov had 13 fights in the UFC. Jon Jones has 15 title wins in the UFC.”

“McGregor & Khabib had electrifying runs. GSP & Silva had legendary eras. Jon Jones is a singular DYNASTY.”

“Jones is technically 29-0. Khabib who?”

“Jon Jones defended his belt 11 times.. Khabib didn't.nJon Jones won 15 Championship fight s.. Khabib didn't . Jon Jones moved up in weight and became the champion.. Khabib didn't Brather nobody can stay on top forever. Well Jon Jones did.. for >10 years,”

“Lmfao Jon Jones doesn’t “compete” with Khabib’s legacy because Khabib isn’t remotely in the conversation to compete with Jon Jones’s legacy.”

“Khabib is so below Jon Jones it’s not even worthy of saying”

“people still saying khabib? Laughable. Jones has been in the ufc for over a ddcade taking on elite competition. khabib fought 3 top ranked fighters,”

“Khabib’s career isn’t in the same galaxy as Jones’s. Great fighter, but the first 2/3 of his “undefeated” record is padded by nobodies w/an 0-4 record. His wins against Conor, Poirier & Gaethje were good, but they’re all strikers who fall apart once they’re taken down.”

What do you think of the debate? 

Who do you think is the GOAT? Khabib or Jon Jones? Let us know in the comments. 


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