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Joshua Pacio gearing up for redemption against Jarred Brooks at ONE 166

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Calendar Icon21 February 2024

Joshua Pacio, popularly known as "The Passion," is gearing up for a monumental rematch against Jarred Brooks, dubbed "The Monkey God," scheduled for ONE 166: Qatar. The highly anticipated showdown is set to take place at the Lusail Sports Arena on Friday, March 1, where Pacio aims to reclaim the ONE Strawweight MMA World Title he lost to Brooks back in December 2022.

The Filipino fighter, a favourite among fans, is driven by a strong determination to rectify his previous defeat. Following his loss to Brooks, Pacio experienced a lingering sense of regret, spurring him to strive for improvement and avoid repeating past mistakes against his American counterpart.

In a recent interview with, Pacio expressed his sentiments, stating, "I lost in a fight where I didn’t showcase my absolute best. That disappointment lingered within me for a long time." He emphasized his commitment to channeling this disappointment into motivation for the upcoming rematch, aiming to address the shortcomings from their initial encounter.

Pacio acknowledged the need to perform at his peak, admitting that in their previous bout, he was overly cautious of Brooks' offensive capabilities, which hindered his own performance. However, he is determined to adopt a more assertive approach this time, focusing on executing his own game plan rather than solely reacting to his opponent's strengths, particularly Brooks' grappling expertise.

Reflecting on the changes in his training regimen and environment since the loss, Pacio highlighted his transition to the Lions Nation MMA gym alongside former Team Lakay seniors. This move, coupled with a confidence-boosting victory against contender Mansur Malachiev, has provided Pacio with renewed confidence and readiness to face Brooks once again.

In preparation for the rematch, Pacio emphasized the importance of holistic readiness, including physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects. He credited his current training environment at Lions Nation MMA for fostering his confidence and happiness, crucial factors in maximizing his athletic potential.

Under the guidance of his coaches and training partners at Lions Nation MMA, Pacio has undergone comprehensive preparation, focusing on technical skills, conditioning, and nutrition. Notably, he highlighted the contributions of his strength and conditioning coach, grappling coach, and training partners in simulating various fight scenarios to ensure readiness for all possibilities.

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As the countdown to ONE 166: Qatar begins, Joshua Pacio stands poised to showcase his determination and skill as he seeks redemption and aims to reclaim the ONE Strawweight MMA World Title, representing not only himself but also his homeland, the Philippines.


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