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Jarred Brooks plans to give rude awakening for Joshua Pacio

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Calendar Icon31 January 2024

In a bid to solidify his reign atop the strawweight division, Jarred Brooks, aka 'The Monkey God,' is gearing up for a high-stakes rematch against Joshua Pacio at ONE Championship's inaugural event in Qatar, ONE 166, scheduled for March 1.

The upcoming bout marks a significant chapter in Brooks' rivalry with Pacio, as it follows their initial clash at ONE 164, where Brooks emerged victorious and claimed the strawweight title. Despite Pacio's history of turning the tables in rematches, Brooks expresses confidence in his improved skills since their first encounter.

In a recent interview with FightWave, Jarred Brooks shared that he had initially hoped for an earlier rematch with Pacio. However, the extended time has served as an opportunity for Brooks to further refine his techniques and elevate his overall skill set. He anticipates showcasing these improvements by securing consecutive victories over the former world champion in their upcoming bout. Brooks stated:

“I've wanted to fight Pacio, I knew it was going to be Pacio at the end of the day, but I wanted to fight him way before that, not a year and almost a half later. But I've been patient, mending all of my crafts and skills, and it's going to be produced on March 1. I think that he's in for a rude awakening. I'm a 2.0 version of myself right now.”

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Fans eagerly await the ONE 166 event, anticipating an intense showdown between Brooks and Pacio, as the strawweight division's top spot hangs in the balance.


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