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Joilton Lutterbach calls out Eldar Eldarov for a title fight in Bahrain

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Calendar Icon26 April 2023

Joilton "Peregrino" Lutterbach, the top-ranked Super Lightweight in BRAVE Combat Federation, gained a fresh perspective on his near-term BRAVE CF future after his arduous Super Welterweight victory over Sweden's Andreas "Bane" Gustafsson Berg last night.

After 48 battles, German fighter Lutterbach bravely risked it all by signing up for his first-ever Super Welterweight bout in the BRAVE Combat Federation as a late substitute for the postponed Bantamweight co-main event bout between Jose Torres and Nkosi Ndebele.

In a considerably larger division, the 165-pound fighter was prepared to take on the natural Middleweight Gustafsson Berg, a winner of the BRAVE CF "Fight of the Year" award who had seven stoppages in eight victories. Most athletes would be hesitant to accept such a challenge, but this past weekend in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Lutterbach stepped up to the plate and faced his opponent on the battlefield, where he performed with great elegance.

The 165-pound competitor was poised to face the natural Middleweight Gustafsson Berg, who had seven stoppages in eight fights and won the BRAVE CF "Fight of the Year" award. Most athletes would be hesitant to take on such a challenge, but this past weekend in Slovenia's Ljubljana, Lutterbach rose up to the challenge and confronted his opponent on the battlefield, where he performed with amazing finesse.

“I was not happy with my performance. It was a hard fight. I got good takedowns and threw some good clean shots, but Andreas kept me on the cage even though he failed to really take me down.

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"These BRAVE CF Super Welterweights are so strong. I have lots of respect for Andreas. I have to give it to my opponent. I actually told him I did not expect this. What a tough competitor. I feel this fight could have ended in a split decision. But, this is how this game goes, it’s about how you adapt to the situation. I will learn from this and improve. I wanted to strike, but he came to wrestle, so I had to meet him there. I am just happy to have secured the win as I am a Super Lightweight who came up to fight at Super Welterweight,” said a Lutterbach.

After the fight, Lutterbach called out Eldarov.

“It has to be Eldarov next. The time is now. I would really like to fight Eldarov, possibly end of the year. It gives him time to sort out any family or personal issues.

"I am not sure when the next BRAVE CF event will be in Europe, if there is one this year, we can do it here, or we can even go to Bahrain, I always wanted to visit Bahrain. I want to go there to rest with my family after the fight. I want to fight there, but also have my vacation, I hear it's beautiful.

I think I deserve this. I have a three win-streak in BRAVE CF now, two knockouts, and one decision win. My time is now.  Hey Eldar, if you want to, let’s fight at the end of the year, anywhere. I am ready for you,” concluded Lutterbach.

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