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ONE Champion Jarred Brooks reveals that he is inspired by Hindu God Hanuman

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon26 February 2024

Reigning ONE Strawweight MMA World Champion Jarred Brooks, widely known as 'The Monkey God,' recently elucidated the origin of his distinctive nickname during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. In response to inquiries regarding the genesis of his epithet, Brooks attributed it to Hanuman, a revered figure in Sanathan Dharma celebrated for his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama.

Explaining the alignment of his fighting characteristics with those of Hanuman, Brooks articulated, "If you watch me fight I feel like my characteristics match very well to Hanuman, [who] has been a huge influence in my manifestation on what type of fighter and person I want to be. And I am the mother f*cking monkey god that’s it!"

This revelation provides deeper insight into Brooks' profound connection to the deity and elucidates how it informs his identity both inside and outside the ring.

Fans anticipating Brooks' next bout need not wait long, as he is slated to defend his title at ONE Championship's highly anticipated inaugural event at the Lusail Sports Arena in Qatar on Friday, March 1. Titled ONE 166, this event promises a riveting display of talent, featuring three captivating title fights. Among them, Brooks is scheduled to face off against Joshua Pacio, the fighter from whom he wrested the esteemed strawweight championship.

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With expectations running high for this compelling rematch, aficionados of the sport eagerly anticipate witnessing 'The Monkey God' demonstrate his prowess, showcasing the skills and determination that have solidified his standing as a dominant force in the realm of MMA.


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