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Tommy Fury ends undefeated run of Jake Paul, Full Fight Video

LockerRoom Team
26 February 2023

Jake Paul vs Tyson Fury is in the books. On Sunday, social media celebrity-turned-boxer Jake Paul finally complied with the demands that he compete against a "real boxer," taking on Tommy Fury in an eight-round cruiserweight match. Paul put up a good fight, but he couldn't stop Fury from winning by a split decision.

Fury entered the battle with much more aggression than in previous contests, taking the fight directly to Paul from the first bell. The initial clinch of the fight was immediately followed by that.

The fight would feature a lot of clinches, with both fighters grasping to disrupt the opponent's rhythm or to attempt to reset the fight so it would resume at a distance. Sadly, the amount of clinching was high enough that as the fight progressed, the referee's position became increasingly important.

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Paul was given several warnings before the fifth round when the referee awarded him a point. In the sixth, he then docked Fury a point. The point deductions eventually balanced out, but the second part of the battle took on a weird tone as a result.

Paul was frequently poked in the face by Fury's jab throughout the bout, which prevented Paul from feeling secure enough to stay in range and land the powerful overhand rights that have previously knocked out numerous opponents.

Paul kept firing back and would have his own strong periods when he was successful in slowing Fury's tempo. Yet going into Round 8, it seemed Fury would be ahead of the game, and Paul would need to pull off a major upset to change the course of events.

As Fury moved forward, Paul did deliver that dramatic moment with a perfectly timed left hand, throwing Fury just off balance enough to touch the ground for a knockdown. Fury was not seriously harmed by the shot, and he fought back until the final buzzer, but the addition of a 10-8 round in Paul's favour increased the suspense just before the official results were announced.

Despite being knocked down, Fury won the fight by a two-card margin of 76-73, with Paul receiving the lone card in disagreement, which read 75-74.


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