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Jake Paul signs exclusive deal with PFL to make MMA debut and more

LockerRoom Team
05 January 2023

A historic two-part exclusive relationship between the Professional Fighters League (PFL) and Jake Paul was just revealed. This partnership will help PFL further its aim to innovate and expand the worldwide MMA sport.

Jake Paul first starts his MMA career with PFL by signing on as the first fighter in the "PFL PPV Super Fights" division, a new Pay-Per-View division he co-created with PFL. Second, to help recruit, market, and promote the new PFL PPV Super Fight Division for the benefit of all elite fighters, Jake Paul and his business partner Nakisa Bidarian will use their knowledge and platforms.

The new PFL PPV Super Fight Division is currently accepting applications. Top PPV fighters that are interested in joining the league as actual business partners are now being signed. It is ground-breaking pay in MMA for athletes to receive 50% of the proceeds from PPV events in the PFL PPV Super Fight Division.

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Paul is teaming with PFL in order to co-create this unique 50-50 income partnership model for all PPV fights because he is the first fighter under contract for PFL PPV Super Fights and because of PFL's "fighter-first" attitude. Paul has been designated Head of Fighter Advocacy and has long been an advocate for fighter pay. He will keep pushing for a business model that benefits all top fighters.

The PFL PPV Super Fights are independent of the PFL League Season and are stand-alone events. Starting in 2023, PFL will hold two PPV Super Fights, increasing the number of PPV events in subsequent years.

The PFL is introducing the PFL PPV Super Fight Division and welcomed Paul and Bidarian as minority equity shareholders in its parent company as it enters its next stage of growth. Paul and Bidarian will use their knowledge, originality, network, and platform to promote fights, create content, and find talent to aid in the growth of PFL and the recognition of its top fighters.

“I’ve proven myself in and out of the boxing ring and now I am going to do the same in MMA, and there is no limit to the positive impact I can make on the sport,” said Jake Paul.

“I plan to enter the PFL SmartCage and once again show the world that that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Outside of the cage, equal fighter-pay and advocating for female fighters has been my passion, and I am aligned with PFL to evolve the sport.  I believe in PFL, their mission, and what they have accomplished in a very short period of time. That is why I chose to partner with PFL exclusively, both as a fighter and a businessperson. As Head of Fighter Advocacy, I will consistently promote PFL fighters and I invite all top MMA fighters, both men and women, to join the PFL and get a payday like they’ve never had before,” he added.

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