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Jake Paul to pay the undercard fighters despite event cancellation

Varun Bhat
Calendar Icon09 August 2022

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul was set to face Hasim Rahman Jr on August 6th at the Madison Square Garden. While the duo seemed excited for the bout to take place, it eventually had to be cancelled due to a weight dispute. Even though the cancellation left Paul unhappy, he made sure that the fighters on the undercard left happy.

Most Valuable Promotions in a statement acknowledged the hard work of the fighters on the undercard. It further read, "Amanda Serrano, Ashton Sylve and Brandon Lee are in the process of rescheduling their bouts against their respective opponents."

"All the other undercard fighters of the event will be receiving a payment directly from Jake Paul of 50% of their contracted purse amount and are free of any contractual obligations to the promotion."

This gesture by Paul has won the hearts of fans around the world. Through this act, 'The Problem Child' has further proven that he cares for the welfare of the fighters and for their pay. He had once slammed UFC President Dana White for the latter.


Over the years, the sport of mixed martial arts has suffered through problems such as bad refereeing and poor judging. However, fighter pay is an issue that has been recently highlighted. UFC President Dana White has been heavily criticized for the same.

Jake Paul has been at the centre of this criticism against the UFC President. 'The Problem Child' had once slammed the UFC President for the same. On his Twitter, Jake Paul shared a statement in which he first slammed White for failing to honour a commitment he made to the boxer. Further in his statement, Paul wrote, "In my 3rd fight I made more in total pay than any other fighter in UFC history. Maybe it's time to pay your fighters their fair share?"

The boxer also took a shot at Dana White and had asked him to book the fight between Jon Jones and Francis N’gannou. Fighting for their rightful pay, Paul wrote, "Pay them their fair share…. $10M purse for each guy, plus PPV. Why are UFC fighters so underpaid vs Boxers?

Paul, who originally received a lot of scrutiny for the choice of his opponents, received support for the same. Many fans appreciated the Ohio-born boxer for taking a stand in order to improve fighters' pay. It will be interesting to see where Jake Paul's career goes from here, and what the UFC does to address fighters' pay.


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