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I stand with Israel: Floyd Mayweather sends aid via private jet

LockerRoom Team
11 October 2023

Renowned boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is once again showcasing his philanthropic spirit in response to the recent distressing Hamas terror attack. TMZ Sports reports that Mayweather, deeply moved by the events, has teamed up with an Israeli relief organization to send essential supplies to Israel through his private aircraft, "Air Mayweather."

The relief effort, scheduled for the upcoming weekend, goes beyond providing basic necessities like food and water. Mayweather's initiative includes delivering crucial protective gear, such as bulletproof vests, benefiting both the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the civilian population. Piloting "Air Mayweather" for this humanitarian mission are Mayweather's trusted pilots - AJ Ramey, Chris Javier, Sam Kniskern, and Freeman Blakney.

Mayweather's commitment to charitable causes is well-established. Earlier this year, he demonstrated his philanthropy by supporting 70 families affected by the Maui fires, providing them with essential resources like food, shelter, and transportation.

In the wake of the recent wave of terror attacks, global celebrities and athletes have shared their opinions and concerns. Mayweather stands out not only for his prompt assistance but also for his firm stance on the issue. On social media, he declared, "I stand with Israel against the Hamas terrorists. Hamas does not represent the people of Palestine but is a terrorist group attacking innocent lives!"

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Mayweather reiterated his position in subsequent social media posts, condemning antisemitism and advocating for peace, human rights, and safety. His strong message, "Terrorism Is Never The Answer!" underscores his support for Israel and Jews worldwide, emphasizing the need for a peaceful resolution to conflicts.


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