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I advise you do to a Hakimi: Fans react to lawsuit against Israel Adesanya

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Calendar Icon14 May 2023

Fans are split about the potential lawsuit that Israel Adesanya might be facing from his ex-girlfriend.

According to UFC fighter Sean O'Malley on a podcast streamed on the Suga YouTube channel, Charlotte Powdrell, who is the former girlfriend of UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against him demanding half of his assets as a settlement.

Despite not being married and having no children together, Powdrell claims that she supported Adesanya's UFC career and therefore deserves half of his wealth. O'Malley expressed surprise at this, stating that he had no knowledge of Adesanya's relationship status.

Their relationship became known in 2019 after Powdrell was spotted with Adesanya following his victory over Robert Whittaker. Powdrell is a real estate agent based in Auckland, New Zealand. Adesanya is currently one of the highest-paid mixed martial artists in the world, with an estimated net worth of $2 million, which he earned through his successful UFC career, where he currently holds the Middleweight championship.

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Although it is not uncommon for former partners to make claims on a celebrity's wealth, particularly in the absence of prenuptial agreements, this case has sparked a debate among fans and experts.

Some argue that Powdrell's claim is unjustified, while others suggest that Adesanya may have to part with some of his assets as part of a settlement. The case highlights the importance of legal agreements and transparency in relationships, especially when wealth is involved. The outcome of the case is yet to be seen.

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You can see some responses that came under the video of Sean O’Malley below.

“I advise you to do Hakimi's move it works!,”

“She definitely deserves half, as soon as she defeats every opponent in the middle weight division.”

“Married or not this is f*cking crazy. The fact that she even feels confident enough to win in court says a lot about the justice system.”

“Not even married and wanting half thats a good joke”

“In the wise words of Tito Ortiz, there was never no marriage.”

“Even if she makes the argument that she was actually doing all this shit for him, cooked for him, cleaned for him, took care of his house etc. even then, how can the court believe her without any proof?”

“Sean is so relatable, no wonder he's popular as hell”

“Imagine working  so hard and being world Champion and then one of your exes comes up to you and says this”

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