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Islam Makhachev on Steroids? Bobby Green details why it is Possible

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon16 December 2022

UFC fighter Bobby Green feels that UFC Lightweight champion Islam Makhachev could be on steroids. Green talked about the possibility ahead of his return this weekend and added that Islam had great strength when they fought inside the cage.

“Imagine if you gave someone steroids from the age of 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 ... how strong you would be. People are like, ‘He was really strong.’ It makes sense now. There’s two people that I’ve moved around with and I was like, that’s interesting. I’ve moved with thousands of guys, that was interesting. I told my coach, ‘There’s something interesting about Islam.’ I felt it. That’s just not human. It makes sense,” Bobby Green said.

Green had taken up a short notice fight against Islam Makhachev a few months back. The American, however, suffered a quick loss to the Russian. Speaking further he talked about how Russia backed fighters who had taken steroids.

“If I can do drugs — our countries are different. Russia’s been banned for the Olympics, their country’s a little bit more okay with the drug use. We’re under strenuous drug stuff over here. There, it’s a little bit different. They’re behind their fighters, they want them to be stronger, they want them to be more manly, over here we don’t. It’s just what it is,” Green said.

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While concluding, he added that he could do exactly the same as the fighters from Dagestan if people had supported him.

“Imagine if I could do that. I would kill everybody. So it makes sense to me, and I was wondering why those Dagestanis were winning so much. They’ve been bred to do this. That’s why you can train at nine years old against a bear. They’ve been bred to be better than us so they’re gonna win, I’m sorry, it is what it is. We’re a little too p—sified over here,” Green added.

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