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BRAVE CF and IMMAF Spearhead Global MMA Growth at Grassroots

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Calendar Icon15 March 2024

A year ago, BRAVE Combat Federation and the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) solidified their alliance in a bid to foster the grassroots growth of MMA, marking a significant milestone in their seven-year collaboration.

This partnership, announced on the same date last year, signifies the convergence of two influential entities dedicated to nurturing mixed martial arts talent from the grassroots level to the global stage.

In a groundbreaking move in 2017, BRAVE CF and IMMAF shifted the Amateur World Championships away from the United States for the first time, elevating the tournament to a premier platform for amateur athletes worldwide. This event became a cornerstone of the BRAVE International Combat Week, hailed as the largest combat sports festival globally.

The collaborative efforts extended to subsequent editions of the BICW, with BRAVE CF and IMMAF jointly organizing events, including the creation of the MMA Super Cup in 2022. This knockout tournament, pitting nation against nation, offered a substantial prize pool of US$225,000, empowering top-performing national federations to reinvest in grassroots MMA development.

Though formalized only last year, the symbiotic relationship between BRAVE Combat Federation and IMMAF has long been evident. BRAVE CF has served as a launchpad to stardom for numerous athletes emerging from the IMMAF system. With over 50 fighters from 20 nations transitioning from IMMAF to BRAVE CF, the promotion stands as a beacon of opportunity for IMMAF alumni.

From Frans Mlambo, the 2015 amateur world champion, making his mark in BRAVE CF 1 to African IMMAF champion Nkosi Ndebele and two-time amateur world champion Jose Torres headlining BRAVE CF 80, the promotion has consistently provided a platform for IMMAF graduates to shine.

Notable world champions including Sabrina de Sousa, Muhammad Mokaev, and Ramazan Gitinov, among others, have thrived thanks to the pathway forged by IMMAF and BRAVE CF. Further bolstering this roster are standout figures like Cian Cowley and Axel Sola, who have found a home in BRAVE CF following their amateur successes.

In a testament to their global reach, BRAVE CF and IMMAF expanded the BICW beyond Bahrain in 2023, hosting editions of the combat sports festival in Serbia and Colombia. The event culminated in a triumphant return to Bahrain last December, featuring a series of BRAVE CF shows alongside the IMMAF Asian Championships.

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As both organizations continue their collaborative efforts, the partnership between BRAVE Combat Federation and the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation remains instrumental in shaping the future landscape of MMA, from grassroots development to international acclaim.


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