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UFC 5 gives shocking prediction for Ilia Topuria vs. Islam Makhachev fight

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Calendar Icon03 March 2024

Spain celebrates a historic moment in martial arts as Ilia Topuria secures the UFC world championship title for the nation for the first time with a stunning victory over Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298.

Topuria's triumph came in the form of a remarkable second-round knockout, defying expectations and catapulting him into the spotlight. In the aftermath of his victory, Topuria has been immersed in a whirlwind of events, photo opportunities, and media appearances, showcasing his newfound status as Spain's latest sporting hero.

The Spanish-Georgian fighter has wasted no time in expressing his ambitions for further success, setting his sights on the lightweight belt currently held by Islam Makhachev. While a potential matchup with Makhachev may still be on the horizon, Topuria's determination to claim another title has already ignited speculation among fans and pundits alike.

To satisfy the curiosity surrounding a potential showdown between Topuria and Makhachev, the fight was simulated in the EA Sports UFC 5 video game. The simulation yielded an intriguing prediction, with Topuria emerging victorious once again, this time with a knockout in the third round.

While the virtual simulation provides an entertaining glimpse into a hypothetical matchup, the anticipation among fans continues to build for the real-life encounter. Should Topuria and Makhachev eventually cross paths inside the octagon, the outcome remains a subject of fervent debate.

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For now, Spanish martial arts enthusiasts can revel in the glory of Topuria's historic achievement and eagerly await what the future holds for their newly crowned UFC champion.


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