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Islam Makhachev vs Ilia Topuria? Khabib Nurmagomedov reacts to possible fight

LockerRoom Team
02 March 2024

Khabib Nurmagomedov, the renowned UFC Hall of Famer, has weighed in on the potential matchup between Ilia Topuria and Islam Makhachev. In discussing Ilia Topuria's title defense prospects, he has singled out Movsar Evloev as the most deserving contender.

Addressing the situation, Nurmagomedov questioned the trajectory of Topuria's next opponent, particularly in the event of a loss by Max Holloway. He pondered, "Now, Topuria, he will fight with who if Holloway loses? He will fight - [Movsar maybe?] Movsar [Evloev] is the best option but I don’t know if Dana White will give him [the title shot]." Expressing his personal view, Nurmagomedov emphasized Evloev's merit for the title shot, stating, "But my opinion [Evloev] he deserve this and most like..."

Furthermore, Nurmagomedov expressed confusion regarding the matchmaking decisions within the UFC, particularly in relation to Islam Makhachev's potential opponents. He questioned the rationale behind not pitting Makhachev against Justin Gaethje and instead setting up a bout against Holloway, stating, "I don’t understand what UFC have plan but Islam ready to fight with anybody."

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Nurmagomedov's remarks reflect his keen interest in the UFC landscape and his opinions on the deserving contenders within the featherweight and lightweight divisions.


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