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VIDEO: Fan names baby after UFC Champion Ilia Topuria

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Calendar Icon05 March 2024

Ilia Topuria, the current UFC Featherweight champion, has garnered immense admiration from fans worldwide following his historic victory over Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298. However, one display of fandom has stood out among the rest, as some devoted supporters have taken their admiration to a whole new level by naming their newborn baby after the champion himself.

The heartwarming gesture underscores the profound impact Topuria has had on his fans, who have been quick to celebrate his accomplishments both inside and outside the Octagon. With his remarkable skill set and unwavering determination, Topuria has captured the hearts of MMA enthusiasts around the globe, earning him a dedicated and loyal following.

Following his sensational win over Volkanovski, Topuria has been inundated with messages of support and admiration from fans across social media platforms. Among the countless expressions of fan love, the decision to name a newborn after the champion serves as a touching tribute to his legacy in the sport.

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Topuria's meteoric rise to UFC Featherweight champion status has not gone unnoticed by authorities in his home country of Spain. In a remarkable show of recognition, the Spanish Prime Minister has reportedly promised Topuria Spanish citizenship in honor of his achievements in the world of MMA.


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