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Top 50 Highest-Paid Athletes: McGregor is the only MMA fighter in the list

LockerRoom Team
09 March 2023

Sportico recently released the list of top 50 Highest Paid Athletes of all time and Conor McGregor is the only MMA fighter in the list.

McGregor is tied for No. 33 among the 50 highest-paid sportsmen of all time, raking in a total of $615 million during his career.

McGregor is tied with Magic Johnson ($615 million) and is one slot behind Dale Earnhardt Jr. ($620 million). Apart from Conor McGregor in the top 50, Floyd Mayweather come in at No. 8 ($1.41 billion), while only seven fighters made the list.

With a lifetime income of $3.3 billion, Michael Jordan came in first place. Tiger Woods followed at No. 2 with $2.5.

You can see the criteria for the list below.

“conversations with industry insiders. Sportico research and historical estimates in media outlets, such as Forbes and Sports Illustrated. Earnings include salaries, bonuses, prize money, purses, endorsements licensing, royalties, memorabilia, book deals, media, appearances, and golf course design fees.  Earned from equity stakes in sponsor companies, like LeBron James’ stake in Beats Electronics, Kevin Durant’s share of Postmates and James Harden’s piece of BodyArmor. Sportico did not factor in traditional investment income. Sportico included earnings during playing careers and retirement through 2022 and adjusted them for inflation. … All earnings are pre-tax and before any fees for agents and lawyers.” 

You can see the complete list below: 

Top 50 Highest-Paid Athletes of All Time

Rank  Athlete Inflation-Adjusted Earnings
1 Michael Jordan $3.3B
2 Tiger Woods $2.5B
3 Arnold Palmer $1.7B
4 Jack Nicklaus $1.63B
5 Cristiano Ronaldo $1.58B
6 LeBron James $1.53B
7 Lionel Messi $1.48B
8 Floyd Mayweather $1.41B
9 Roger Federer $1.38B
10 Phil Mickelson $1.36B
11 Michael Schumacher $1.31B
12 David Beckham $1.28B
13 Kobe Bryant $1.05B
13 Shaquille O'Neal $1.05B
15 Greg Norman $1B
16 Mike Tyson $875M
17 Neymar $855M
18 Kevin Durant $850M
19 Lewis Hamilton $790M
20 Alex Rodriguez $745M
21 Manny Pacquiao $725M
22 Tom Brady $690M
23 Jeff Gordon $685M
24 George Foreman $680M
25 Valentino Rossi $675M
25 Peyton Manning $675M
27 Oscar De La Hoya $665M
28 Rafael Nadal $660M
29 Stephen Curry $655M
30 Derek Jeter $645M
31 Ernie Els $625M
32 Dale Earnhardt Jr. $620M
33 Conor McGregor $615M
33 Magic Johnson $615M
35 Kevin Garnett $610M
35 Fernando Alonso $610M
35 Gary Player $610M
38 Evander Holyfield $600M
38 Serena Williams $600M
40 Andre Agassi $590M
41 Novak Djokovic $575M
42 Russell Westbrook $550M
43 Kimi Raikkonen $545M
43 Rory McIlroy $545M
45 Dwyane Wade $540M
46 Drew Brees $535M
47 Carmelo Anthony $530M
48 Canelo Alvarez $525M
49 Chris Paul $520M
50 James Harden $510M

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