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Cheated on me with Teammate: Tim Elliott makes shocking accusations

LockerRoom Team
14 May 2023

Tim Elliott has made some shocking accusations about his wife Gina Mazany.

A scandal involving three UFC veterans has surfaced, as private matters have been exposed to the public. Tim Elliott, a past flyweight title contender, recently used Twitter to suggest that his spouse and fellow UFC veteran, Gina Mazany, had engaged in a relationship with his "friend" and "teammate."

 “You want to see something gross? This is my “wife” reading vows to my daughter on our “wedding” night. The guy holding the microphone was my “friend/teammate” my wife cheated on me with this guy the same night! and they have had a relationship our entire “marriage” Gina mazany,” Elliot wrote on Twitter.

Tim Elliott, a former UFC flyweight title challenger in 2016 who now competes in the bantamweight division, has won three of his last four bouts.

During her five-year stint with the UFC, Gina Mazany participated in nine fights but lost three of her last four bouts, which resulted in her exit from the promotion in 2022. Recently, Mazany had her professional boxing debut and emerged victorious against another UFC veteran, Pearl Gonzalez, in April.

In 2020, Kevin Croom was signed by the UFC amid the pandemic but failed to win any of his four bouts with the promotion. Although he secured a submission win in his debut, it was overturned due to a marijuana rule, and he lost the subsequent three bouts. Consequently, the UFC released him in 2022. Croom then switched to BKFC and has a current 2-0 record with the bareknuckle promotion.

The tweet from Elliot has led to some strong reactions among the fans on Twitter. You can see some reactions below.

“Talk about a villain arc bro . Sorry to hear that but guarantee for each one there’s someone else that’s amazing. Been there. Head up bro it gets better”

“Absolutely heartbreaking to read this. My heart and thoughts go out to you Tim. Keep your head up, I know easier said than done.”

“You deserve better.   You have tons of family and love in Vegas.   Better days ahead.”

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