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GAMMA announces 2022 Asian-Pacific Championship

LockerRoom Team
18 October 2022

In Pattaya, Thailand, a press conference was held earlier today for the local media to officially announce the start of the GAMMA Asian-Pacific Championships 2022.

The news conference follows GAMMA's announcement last week that the Pacific Islands would be added to the Continental championships. Following the inaugural Asian Championships, which were held in Kyrgyzstan last year, this will be the first time the tournament is contested.

At the occasion, which was well-attended by members of the local media, GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt was there along with Deputy Mayor of Pattaya Kritsana Boonsawad, President of the IFSA General Taweep Jantararoj, and Vice President Achilleus Ralli.

“We are very happy to welcome the GAMMA community to Pattaya for these important Championships. MMA is very popular in Thailand and we are looking forward to a very competitive and entertaining event that will generate a lot of public interest,” said Boonsawad during the press conference.

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Alexander Engelhardt also gave his take on the championship.

“We are expecting to have more countries and athletes participating in these Championships than we had in 2021 and I want to thank all the authorities for their support in making this possible. I hope that this event will help with the ongoing development of MMA across the country and act as a great advert for Pattaya and Thailand to host more events in the future,” added Engelhardt.

The Siamese Hotel in the city's north served as the venue for the press conference, which was gratefully sponsored by ONCE Pattaya, a real estate developer.

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Three days of competition will make up the GAMMA Asian-Pacific Championships, which will run from November 9 to 13 at the Pattaya Asian Indoor Stadium. Qualifying rounds will be held on Days 1 and 2, which are Friday, November 11, and Saturday, November 12, before the finals day, which is Sunday, November 13.


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