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Female fighter with no self-respect: Fan reacts to new photo from Ailin Perez

LockerRoom Team
03 June 2024

Argentinian UFC fighter Ailin Perez has come under fire following her latest victory, despite showcasing her skills and securing her third consecutive win in the octagon. The grudge match against Joselyne Edwards went the full 15 minutes, with Perez demonstrating her ability to hit throws and drag Edwards to the canvas, although Edwards often managed to reverse these positions. The highlight of the fight came in the second round when Perez landed a clean spinning backfist, dropping Edwards, though she couldn't capitalize on the opportunity.

The judges unanimously scored the fight in favor of Perez, marking her third straight win and moving her overall record to 10-2 after dropping her promotional debut. This victory solidifies her standing as a formidable competitor in the UFC.

However, not all reactions to Perez's success have been positive. A particularly harsh comment on her social media post after the fight criticized her professionalism and integrity. The commenter accused Perez of lacking self-respect and questioned her athleticism, stating, "Look at all these men thirsting... Subscribe to her OF to watch what happened next female fighters with no self-respect. Not a real athlete in my eyes. Real athletes have self-respect."

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Despite the criticism, Perez's performance in the octagon speaks volumes about her dedication and skill as a fighter. As she continues to climb the ranks in the UFC, Perez remains focused on her career, even as she navigates the challenges and scrutiny that come with being in the public eye.


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