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I thought I followed a UFC fighter: CRAZY post from Ailin Perez post UFC 302 evokes reactions

LockerRoom Team
02 June 2024

Fans are not reacting well to the new post from Ailin Perez after her win at UFC 302. The UFC star posted some pictures on her Instagram page which has not made some fans happy.

“I thought I followed a UFC fighter” one fan wrote in the comment section reacting to the photos from Ailin.

In a hard-fought battle, Ailin Perez claimed victory over Joselyne Edwards, marking her third straight win in the UFC. The bout, which went the distance, highlighted Perez's skill in grappling and strategy.

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Perez consistently employed throws and takedowns to gain control on the mat, though Edwards proved tenacious, often reversing these positions. A key moment came in the second round when Perez delivered a spinning backfist, flooring Edwards. However, Perez was unable to fully leverage this advantage.

In the end, all three judges scored the fight in Perez's favor. This win boosts the Argentinian fighter's record to 10-2, showcasing her impressive comeback after her initial UFC defeat.


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