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VIDEO and REACTIONS: Daniel Cormier as special guest referee at WWE Extreme Rule

LockerRoom Team
09 October 2022

Former UFC double champion Daniel Cormier made his appearance at WWE Extreme Rules today. Cormier served as the special guest referee for the match between Seth Rollins and former UFC fighter Matt Riddle.

The appearance of Cormier has led to a long list of reactions on the internet with some users loving that Cormier is part of the WWE while others were not happy with how the former champion appeared.

You can see some of the reactions that came on Twitter below.

“Daniel Cormier think that cage is for Seth vs riddle until jon Jones comes out & knock his ass out again”

“Daniel Cormier is a UFC legend but he’s giving off angry out of his depth substitute teacher vibes that just aren’t adding anything to this match. Wish Shamrock had been given a chance to officiate.”

“Putting him out there in the referee outfit is the worst first impression if they’re doing anything in the future with him. He looks like the least intimidating dude. The anti-Ken Shamrock.”

“Do you think that the WWE fans had any idea that special referee Daniel Cormier could whoop everyone in that locker room with ease?”

“I don’t know what kind of athletic commission would certify Daniel Cormier who has NO refereeing experience of any kind. He’s making a farce of the entire pro wrestling business.”

“I kind of legit forgot for a second that Daniel Cormier was the ref in this match, he doesn't look like the MMA badass wearing the ref uniform”

“Daniel Cormier looks like a substitute gym teacher who’s about to mark you play a way too serious game of dodgeball”

“Is that Daniel Cormier or the dad from Family Matters?”

“I think Daniel Cormier will go down in the Cain Velasquez category of failed MMA fighters transitioning into wrestling”

“If Daniel Cormier joins WWE, it appears his first fight will be against diabetes”

What do you think of the appearance of Daniel Cormier at Extreme Rules? Let us know in the comment section below. Do you think Cormier should join the WWE


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