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Elle Brooke wants to fight Ronda Rousey and Paige VanZant

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Calendar Icon14 January 2024

Elle Brooke, the 26-year-old boxing sensation, has her eyes on two major matchups, targeting former UFC stars Ronda Rousey and Paige VanZant for what she envisions as 'huge' fights in the future. Currently focused on her upcoming clash with AJ Bunker for the Misfits Boxing female middleweight title on Saturday, January 20, Brooke is already plotting her course beyond this weekend's battle.

Bunker, a former Love Island star, will be seeking redemption after suffering a decision loss to Brooke in their initial encounter last July. Despite the impending challenge, Brooke, with a boxing record of 3-1, is thinking ahead and has identified Rousey and VanZant as potential opponents. However, before those high-profile matchups, Brooke aims to settle a personal rivalry with fellow competitor Astrid Wett.

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The rivalry between Brooke and Wett began in 2022 when a scheduled bout was scrapped due to safety concerns raised by Wett. Since then, verbal jabs have been exchanged, and a showdown seems increasingly likely.

In a recent interview with talkSPORT, Brooke expressed her priorities, stating, "I don't think those fights would ever work without that one [Wett fight] because that is the money fight, that could be like a main [event]." She envisions settling the score with Wett first before pursuing blockbuster clashes with former UFC champions.

Ronda Rousey, who surprised fans by leaving WWE last year, has been absent from combat sports since her knockout loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 in 2016. Paige VanZant, on the other hand, transitioned to bare-knuckle boxing after leaving the UFC in 2020. Currently a social media influencer, VanZant is eyeing a return to bare-knuckle action this year.

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Brooke is open to the idea of facing VanZant in bare-knuckle competition, stating, "I would do bare-knuckle. Apparently, it is better for you because it just grazes your face rather than rattle your brain in your head. Sure, I've seen people get their teeth knocked out, but okay." As Brooke continues to carve her path in the boxing world, fans can anticipate potentially thrilling matchups against these notable former UFC stars in the near future.


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