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Elle Brooke vs. Lena the Plug? Elle Brooke reacts to the proposal

LockerRoom Team
02 February 2024

After securing the Women’s Middleweight Championship at Misfits Boxing 12, Elle Brooke faced inquiries about potential future opponents, including Lena The Plug. During an interview with Adam Grandmaison on the Plug Talk Podcast, husband of Lena The Plug, Brooke expressed her admiration for Lena and declared that she wouldn't want to engage in a bout against her friend.

In a subsequent appearance at the Plug Talk Booth during the AVN Day 3 event, Elle Brooke joined Adam Grandmaison for another interview. When questioned about her next opponent, Brooke humorously responded, "I don’t know. What p*** stars do you reckon we should get into boxing?"

Elle Brooke's victory at the Misfits Boxing 12 co-main event marked a triumphant return after facing her first career loss. She secured the Women’s Middleweight Championship with a third-round knockout (1:56 minutes) against AJ Bunker, bringing her overall boxing record to 4-1.

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Adam Grandmaison, during the post-championship interview, proposed Lena The Plug as a potential opponent for Elle Brooke. However, Brooke declined the suggestion, emphasizing her love and friendship with Lena. Despite Grandmaison's persistent attempts to entice Brooke into the match, she maintained her stance, stating, “I love her, and I wouldn’t want to beat up my friend. But I am going to make you cry at ringside. Like oh! That’s my wife.”


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