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Eliezer Kubanza wants showdown with Alex Lohore, vows to finish his rival

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Calendar Icon23 June 2024

An intense rivalry is emerging in the BRAVE Combat Federation Super Welterweight division, as Eliezer Kubanza has expressed frustration over doubts about his ability to defeat Alex Lohoré.

In a recent social media post, Kubanza claimed he could finish Lohoré within three minutes and vowed to silence his critics.

"What angers me the most is that some people still doubt me and think I can't beat Alex Lohoré. Now I have to go to war with myself, and once I step in, three minutes will be enough to end him," Kubanza wrote on his Instagram story.

Kubanza’s frustration stems from the ongoing rivalry between himself and Lohoré, which has been building for some time.

European MMA star Alex Lohoré made a significant impact at BRAVE CF 83 by defeating former Super Welterweight champion Marcin Bandel in the main event in the Netherlands. Following his victory, Lohoré declared his intention to fight for the BRAVE CF Super Welterweight title.

However, Lohoré's path to the title is complicated by his rivalry with rising contender Eliezer Kubanza. With two consecutive first-round finishes in 2023, Kubanza has secured a top-five spot in the Super Welterweight division. He has been vocal about wanting to face Lohoré, particularly after their fight was cancelled at BRAVE CF 82.

Lohoré, seemingly unfazed by Kubanza's challenge, dismissed it with the comment, "Eagles don’t fly with pigeons."

Kubanza, however, did not take kindly to this remark. He responded on Instagram, accusing Lohoré of underestimating him and asserting that Lohoré does not yet deserve a title shot. Kubanza remains confident that he can defeat Lohoré if given the opportunity.

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The tension between Kubanza and Lohoré adds excitement to the BRAVE CF Super Welterweight division, where champion Kamal Magomedov is set to defend his title after winning it from Marcin Bandel at BRAVE CF 77.


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