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Edukondal Rao fuelled by the warrior culture of India ahead of PFL vs. Bellator

LockerRoom Team
17 February 2024

Edukondal Rao is set to make waves at the upcoming PFL vs. Bellator: Champs event in Saudi Arabia, on February 24, 2024, where he'll showcase his skills against top-tier competition.

At the heart of Rao's journey lies a deep-rooted commitment to representing his nation with pride and honour. Trained at the esteemed KOI Combat Academy, Rao has dedicated himself to mastering the art of combat under the watchful eye of seasoned coaches and alongside driven teammates. His preparation for the upcoming bout has been nothing short of rigorous, with Rao pushing himself to the limits in pursuit of victory.

"I'm excited as ever," Rao noted in an exclusive interview with LockerRoom Network. "To represent India in such a prestigious event is an honour, but it's also a responsibility. I carry the hopes of my nation with me into the cage, and I'm determined to make them proud."

For Rao, this fight is about more than personal glory; it's about reclaiming a legacy steeped in India's rich history of warrior culture. Drawing inspiration from the heroes of the past, Rao sees himself as a torchbearer for the values of courage, resilience, and honor.

"We've had the best of people in our history," Rao reflects. "From ancient warriors to modern-day icons, India's legacy is one of strength and perseverance. As a fighter, I aim to uphold that legacy and inspire others to embrace their own warrior spirit."

As Rao's star continues to rise, he remains committed to leaving a lasting impact on the world of MMA. Through his words and actions, he seeks to inspire the next generation of fighters to chase their dreams and embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

"With every fight, I hope to leave a legacy that transcends the confines of the octagon," Rao asserts. "It's not just about winning titles; it's about leaving behind a lasting impression that inspires others to reach for greatness."

As the date of the highly anticipated showdown approaches, all eyes will be on Edukondal Rao as he prepares to step into the cage and represent India on the global stage. Win or lose, Rao's journey serves as a testament to the power of determination, passion, and the unwavering spirit of a true warrior. PFL vs. Bellator Champs featuring Edukondal Rao will be exclusively available for streaming on FanCode's mobile app (available on Android, iOS, and TV), as well as on various TV platforms including Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Jio STB, Samsung TV, Airtel XStream, OTT Play, Prime Video, WatchO, and the official website


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