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Eddie Abasolo Plans To Win The Heart Of The Crowd In ONE Championship Debut

LockerRoom Team
08 November 2022

ONE Fight Night 4: Abbasov vs. Lee will see the promotional arrival of decorated American Muay Thai practitioner Eddie Abasolo, who on 19 November battles the U.K.'s Liam Nolan at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

Abasolo’s arrival in ONE’s lightweight Muay Thai division marks a career milestone for the accoladed striker. After training under his father’s tutelage, the American feels he is heading in the right direction.

“He had a lot of respect,” Abasolo said. “I remember when I was a kid he said, ‘Son, the day you can beat me is the day.’ That was just always something that inspired me. Just seeing that your dad is the man, and I just [wanted] to be like him. Not just as a fighter, but as a father as well.”

The 13-3 scrapper’s start in sports did not begin with fighting, however. After participating in basketball and baseball, The Resistance gym representative eventually found himself drawn to Muay Thai.

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Abasolo soon discovered that he had the heart for fighting, as it wasn’t long before far more experienced training partners took over the place of a heavy bag. 

“The people who are actual fighters [at the gym], when I would spar with them every day, [I would] always [get] a bloody nose. From there, my interest just grew more and more. I wanted to learn more and more, and I wanted to be better than those fighters. So, I took training seriously,” he said.

Once his fighting career launched, Abasolo tasted both victory and defeat on his way to making him the fighter he is today. Wins, losses, setback, and injuries – they all made him hungrier.

His storied past leads to one big night on 19 November when he steps into the Circle for the very first time against his British foe Nolan.

“His strengths are that he has very good basics. He’s very good and has very strong Muay Thai. As far as his weaknesses, it’s hard to point out someone’s weakness until you stand in front of them. Because no matter how many times I watch an opponent, every time I watch them, I’m watching a different version of them based on who’s standing in front of them,” he said.

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When occasions like this arrive, jitters are often expected. But “Silk E Smooth” believes he will continue to showcase what brought him to the dance in the first place.

“I’m just going to go in there and do my thing,” he said. “I’m going to win the heart of the crowd.”

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