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Ebanie Bridges reacts to criticism about relationship with Conor McGregor

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Calendar Icon28 February 2024

Ebanie Bridges, the Australian boxer, has taken a stand against doubters questioning her integrity, following her recent outing with UFC fighter Conor McGregor in Dublin. Bridges, who is sponsored by McGregor's Forged Irish Stout, paid a visit to McGregor's Black Forge Inn bar during her trip to the Irish capital.

Sharing moments from her night out with Jasmina Zapotoczna, a former two-weight champion and professional boxer, Bridges took to Instagram on Sunday morning to express her enjoyment of the experience. Posting pictures, she wrote: “What an incredible night with @TheNotoriousMMA and @JZapotoczna at the @blackforgeinn.”

She further praised the venue's ambiance and cuisine, urging her followers to visit. However, her post attracted negative remarks from some fans, prompting Bridges to respond directly to the criticism.

Addressing comments about McGregor's family, Bridges maintained that their outing was a friendly one, emphasizing the nature of their relationship. She dismissed detractors as simply being jealous and highlighted the double standards evident in their behavior.

“Jealous that's all. The same people would be stopping me and Conor in the street for pictures lol." She noted.

Additionally, Bridges took the opportunity to educate fans on the workings of sponsorships and promotions, explaining the professional dynamics behind such affiliations.

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Despite facing scrutiny, Bridges remains undeterred, expressing her affection for Ireland and her gratitude for the opportunity to connect with McGregor and Zapotoczna.


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