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VIDEO: Conor McGregor collaborates once again with Ebanie Bridges

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Calendar Icon26 February 2024

Renowned mixed martial artist Conor McGregor recently played host to a memorable meet-and-greet event at his acclaimed establishment, The Black Forge Inn, in Dublin. Among the distinguished guests were Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges and British-Polish fighter Jasmina Zapotoczna, who joined McGregor for an evening of camaraderie and celebration.

During the gathering, Bridges had the opportunity to sample McGregor's signature creation, the Forged Irish Stout, brewed in the heart of Ireland. The boxer expressed her gratitude to McGregor for the invitation, taking to social media to share her enthusiasm for the unforgettable experience at The Black Forge Inn.

In a post captioned with praise for the pub's ambiance and culinary offerings, Bridges extended her appreciation to McGregor and Zapotoczna for the memorable evening. She urged her followers to visit The Black Forge Inn and indulge in a pint of Forged Irish Stout, emphasizing her affection for Ireland.

The gathering at McGregor's establishment garnered attention not only for the notable guests in attendance but also for the promotion of McGregor's beverage brand. Notably, McGregor's Forged Irish Trout was a sponsor of a high-profile boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Robert Helenius at the O2 Arena on August 12 of the previous year.

Accompanied by two ring girls and former IBF female bantamweight champion Zapotoczna, McGregor seized the opportunity to showcase merchandise for his newly launched drink. Viral images of McGregor and Bridges seated ringside, coupled with McGregor's interaction with Joshua during the event, further fueled interest in McGregor's beverage venture.

Following the boxing match, McGregor made a televised appearance, offering Joshua a taste of his drink onstage. Reports indicate that McGregor strategically incorporated Bridges and the ring girls into the promotional efforts for his beverage brand during the event.

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McGregor's gathering at The Black Forge Inn not only underscored his prowess as a businessman but also highlighted his knack for creating memorable experiences at his renowned establishment. As McGregor continues to expand his ventures, his ability to merge sports, entertainment, and entrepreneurship remains a hallmark of his multifaceted career.


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