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VIDEO: Boxer Ebanie Bridges shows off her super car for the stay in Sydney

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Calendar Icon07 March 2024

In a recent video shared on social media, professional boxer Ebanie Bridges delighted fans as she showcased her latest acquisition – a sleek Porsche 911. The video, posted by Bridges, captured the boxer's excitement as she met with Mo from Luxe Auto Drive in Sydney to pick up her new supercar.

"Great day today meeting Mo down at @luxeautodrive and picking up a sexy Porsche 911 to keep me on the road while I’m here in Sydney. They had a beautiful selection of cars but of course had to go with a 911, cos I already miss mine back at home ," Bridges captioned the video.

The footage shows Bridges admiring her new ride, expressing her fondness for the Porsche 911 and reminiscing about her own back home. She also took the opportunity to recommend Luxe Auto Drive to her followers, highlighting their excellent selection and service for luxury car hire.

"If you're looking for luxury car hire, hit up @luxeautodrive, they'll have you covered ," Bridges added, showcasing her appreciation for the exceptional service provided by Luxe Auto Drive.

Bridges, known for her impressive boxing skills and vibrant personality, has recently been making headlines for her collaboration with UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

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While temporarily away from the boxing ring, Bridges continues to engage with fans and explore exciting opportunities beyond the realm of boxing.


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