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Devil’s Octagon Season 2: Full Fight Card for the event

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon04 June 2023

The second season of Devils Octagon took place at the renowned Karnail Singh Stadium, situated near the heart of Delhi's vibrant Connaught Place. The event showcased an incredible exhibition of skill and determination, featuring over 64 elite MMA fighters from all corners of the country.

Inside the octagon, the atmosphere was electric, with exhilarating fights that kept spectators on the edge of their seats.

The event was supported by a string of sponsors as well. Monster Energy Drink, one of the co-sponsors, provided a much-needed burst of energy for both the competitors and the enthusiastic crowd, enhancing the overall excitement of the event. Decathlon, the gifting partner, extended their support in various capacities throughout the tournament. Klothical, the clothing partner, added a touch of style and flair to the proceedings, ensuring that the fighters looked their absolute best.

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Additionally, Medulance, the medical partner, offered essential healthcare services to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. Lastly, Lions Den Fight Club Pvt. Ltd. acted as the officiating partner, upholding the highest standards of fairness and ensuring a level playing field for all competitors.

Below is the complete fight card for the event.

  • Vikas Saini (Lions Den) VS Arvind Bisht (Lions den)
  • Radhika (Lions Den) VS Nandini Jha (Lions Den)
  • Ojesav Batra(Mutant) VS Piyush Kamath (Olympia)
  • Govind Badshah(Mutant) VS Zafar Malik (Crostain)
  • Siddhartha (Mutant) VS NiKhil Baisoya (Fighting Choice)
  • Aman Chauhan(Mutant) VS Chahat Kumar Pal (Crosstrain)
  • Ankit Chauhan(Lions den) VS Mridul Vats (Lions den)
  • Hargun Singh(Delhi Combat Academy) VS Abhishek Paul (NXFT)
  • Vinayak Ahlawat(Lions Den) VS Aryan Diwakar
  • Saurabh Negi (Mutant) VS Tushar Sharma (Fighters speed FC)
  • Gurfateh Singh (Delhi Combat Academy) VS Mohammad Abdul Samad
  • Dharmesh Chauhan (Mutant) VS Kabir
  • Tanuj Hegde(Lions den) VS Rahul Chauhan (Lions den)
  • Sanvi Negi(Mutant) VS Ritu Kumari (Lions Den)
  • Arjun Rathee (Mutant) VS Harsh(Lions den)
  • Nobojit Dey(Crosstrain) VS Arjun Khatri (Knockout)
  • Sajal Vashistha (Delhi Combat Academy) VS Dauda Khan(Knockout)
  • Sajal Chaudhary(Mutant) VS Rahul Punia (Pawan Dahiya Academy)
  • Rahul Rathore (Crosstrain) VS Akash Rawat (Indian top team)
  • Manoj Yadav(Mutant) VS Jayant Nagar
  • Paras Yadav(UFC gym) VS Rishab Tyagi(Warriors FC)
  • Nitin Kumar(Delhi Combat Academy) VS Syed Imad (IFC)
  • Bikram Shah(MMA fitzone) VS Umesh Prajapati(Mutant)
  • Sumit Raj(Mutant) VS Abhishek Jaiswal (Warrios MMA)
  • Karan Patar(Hill Side MMA) VS Jai Maliyal (Mutant)
  • Nandini Jha (Lions den) VS Riya Thapa (Mutant)
  • Aryan Chauhan(Mutant) VS Prince Patel (WTC)
  • Sachin Bisht(Mutant) VS Kabir (Lions den)
  • Jayant Chaudhary (Mutant) Raja Chaudhary (fighting Choice)
  • Aryan Diwakar (Olympia) VS Prathvi Tomar (Knockout)

The event will be streamed on the MMA LockerRoom YouTube channel on 4 June 2023 from 2 PM Indian Standard Time.


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