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Dana White Defends UFC Fighter Pay Structure, Cites Success of Jim Miller

LockerRoom Team
31 January 2024

UFC CEO Dana White remains steadfast in his stance on the UFC's fighter payment structure despite ongoing criticism. The topic of UFC fighter pay has sparked considerable debate, with concerns raised about compensation and revenue distribution compared to other sports leagues. White, however, defends the current system, emphasizing the importance of providing fighters with incentives to maintain their competitive drive.

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In a recent episode of The Truth Podcast with Vivek Ramaswamy, White highlighted the case of UFC veteran Jim Miller to support the promotion's approach to fighter compensation. Miller, a 40-year-old fighter, is currently on a remarkable winning streak and is slated to compete at UFC 300. White expressed his views, stating:

"We got a guy right now who's 40 years old, and he's on this hot streak, man. His name is Jim Miller. He's been around forever... He's been around since we bought this company, and he's still fighting. And he's on this hot streak right now... He's going to fight on UFC 300."

White continued to emphasize Miller's success, pointing out that despite being considered a journeyman by some, Miller has earned millions of dollars through his UFC career. Jim Miller, known for his appearances at UFC 100 and UFC 200, is set to face Bobby Green at UFC 300 in what will be his 44th bout in the promotion.


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