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Dirty Move: Dana White fires back at USADA after split with UFC

LockerRoom Team
13 October 2023

The MMA world is buzzing with shock and speculation following the bombshell dropped by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), announcing their impending split from the UFC effective January 1st, 2024. The separation, a seismic shift in the landscape of MMA drug testing, has not only raised eyebrows but prompted a pointed response from UFC CEO Dana White.

USADA, in a surprising turn, attributed the divorce to the UFC's handling of Conor McGregor, asserting that the promotion's leadership, including White, questioned USADA's insistence on a six-month testing window for the Irish combat sports superstar. The agency declared that the public statements made by UFC figures had irreparably strained the relationship between the two entities.

"The relationship between USADA and UFC became untenable given the statements made by UFC leaders and others questioning USADA’s principled stance that McGregor not be allowed to fight without being in the testing pool for at least six months," read an official press release on the USADA website.

Dana White wasted no time in firing back during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, labeling USADA's move as a "dirty move" and expressing his discontent with their decision to air their grievances in public.

"Well, let me just start with this," White responded when asked about finding a new drug testing partner via Bloody Elbow "It wasn’t an announcement [by the UFC]. It was a dirty move by [USADA]. There was no announcement yesterday. That was straight up scumbag-ism, what happened yesterday."

White hinted at forthcoming action, stating, "So, that will all be addressed today. Not by me. I’ll let [UFC ‘drug czar’ Jeff Novitzky] and our lawyer Hunter Campbell handle that. The you-know-what is about to hit the fan on that one."

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The UFC's response suggests a potential legal battle with USADA over their public announcement. The rift between the two organizations deepens, and the MMA community eagerly awaits further developments in this unexpected and contentious split.


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