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Francis Ngannou reveals what happened when he met Cristiano Ronaldo

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Calendar Icon02 February 2024

Mixed martial arts sensation Francis Ngannou recently shared his surreal experience of meeting football icon Cristiano Ronaldo, revealing that the encounter left him star-struck. The unexpected meeting took place at the Four Seasons Hotel, where Ronaldo was residing at the time.

Ngannou recounted the moment, expressing initial concerns that it might be an elaborate prank. However, those concerns vanished when Ronaldo's associate Richie informed them that the football legend was, in fact, a huge fan of Ngannou.

"We met one of his guys named Richie. [He said:] ‘Actually, Cristiano is a big fan of Francis.’ Then he called Cristiano, and he said: ‘Bring them up,’ and they were in the pool, and I'm like, even when I was going up: 'I hope this guy is not messing with me'," Ngannou recounted in an interview with TNT Sports.

Upon reaching the pool area, Ngannou was pleasantly surprised to find Cristiano Ronaldo eagerly waiting for them. The UFC heavyweight champion described Ronaldo as very cool and familiar during their interaction.

"He was telling me stuff about me and how he and his family, they watch my fight at 4 am. I'm like, man, you don't know who really watches you. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know me! But he knows me pretty good," Ngannou added.

Ngannou, known for his devastating knockouts in the MMA world, was taken aback by the football star's genuine interest in his fights. The heavyweight champion admitted feeling honored and somewhat incredulous that Ronaldo and his family watched his matches in the early hours.

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The meeting between Ngannou and Ronaldo underscores the crossover appeal of sports superstars, showcasing how admiration and respect transcend different disciplines within the world of athletics.


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