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VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo, Skrillex and Lil Baby promote Ngannou vs Fury

LockerRoom Team
14 October 2023

Boxing champion Tyson Fury and former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou are gearing up for an epic showdown in a boxing match set to take place in Saudi Arabia. To build anticipation and create a buzz around the colossal clash, a blockbuster music video featuring the fighters has been unveiled, with none other than Skrillex and Lil Baby providing the soundtrack. Adding to the star-studded spectacle, football icon Cristiano Ronaldo makes a cameo appearance in the video.

The unprecedented collaboration between the worlds of combat sports and entertainment has fans around the globe on the edge of their seats. The music video, produced to promote the highly anticipated face-off between Fury and Ngannou, promises a visual and auditory feast for fight enthusiasts.

The musical collaboration between Skrillex and Lil Baby, two giants in the music industry known for their chart-topping hits, adds an extra layer of excitement to the pre-fight festivities. The synergy between the raw power of combat sports and the pulsating beats of the music promises to create an immersive experience for fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo's unexpected appearance in the music video further elevates the event, bringing together icons from the realms of boxing, MMA, and football. The video, likely to become a viral sensation, showcases the global appeal of this unique crossover bout.

The Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou clash, already one of the most talked-about events in recent sports history, takes a groundbreaking turn with this innovative promotional approach. As fans eagerly await the fight in Saudi Arabia, the music video serves as a tantalizing prelude, offering a glimpse into the sheer magnitude of the spectacle that awaits.

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In the lead-up to the showdown, the collaboration between combat sports and entertainment industries is reshaping the narrative of what a major sporting event can be. The Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou boxing match is no longer just a fight; it's a global extravaganza that transcends sporting boundaries and captivates audiences in a way that only the biggest spectacles can.


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