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WWE Vice President Triple H wants to create The Next Conor McGregor

Varun Bhat
11 August 2022

In modern times, the art of selling has become extremely important in combat sports and sports entertainment. While one can be skilled, it is also important for the athlete to bring promotional value. When one thinks of an athlete who brings this attribute to the table, the name Conor McGregor comes to mind.

Over the years, Conor McGregor has developed himself as a top PPV star for the UFC. This valuable asset McGregor brings to the table was recently acknowledged by WWE Vice President Triple H.

During his appearance on Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast, Triple H lauded Conor McGregor for the promotional value he brings to the UFC. The Game also mentioned that he wanted to create the next Conor McGregor. "We can have the attempt at least to create the [next] Conor McGregor and we do. You’re right, we have generationally right from Bruno Sammartino all the way through to Roman Reigns right now and everything in between," said The Game.

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He added, "You can even throw Brock Lesnar into that list because where did he learn to do the personality, the charisma, all of those other things that he had right? Athletically, yes, but the rest of it [is from] us. His level of promotion and all of that stuff was next level when he went to UFC and that’s what he jumped off on."

A company like WWE needs big stars for its sustainability and growth. While Triple H looks to create the next Conor McGregor, the former pro-wrestler might be able to land The Notorious himself.


Irish superstar Conor McGregor has often been considered a potential candidate to move to the WWE. Apparently, in one of his press conferences, Mystic Mac had once highlighted the same.

As per MMA journalist Marc Raimondi, The Notorious once declared his interest in testing the waters of WWE and a potential career in Hollywood. In a tweet, Raimondi wrote, "Conor McGregor was asked at the press conference today in Ukraine about his future after the UFC. He mentioned Hollywood and “maybe the WWE.” McGregor: "I've had a bit of beef with those guys over the years."

The Notorious once had called out the WWE roster. This beef is something he will look to settle. While Conor McGregor is yet to mark his appearance in the WWE, he has landed a role in Hollywood. As per reports, the former 155-pound UFC champion will make his acting debut in Jake Gyllenhaal-led film "Road House."

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Do you think the WWE will be able to create the next Conor McGregor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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