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Conor McGregor wants to fight Michael Chandler and Nate Diaz in 2024

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Calendar Icon06 March 2024

The desire to compete still burns bright within Conor McGregor's heart. The former two-division UFC champion, who has been sidelined since 2021 following a brutal leg injury suffered in a trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier, is eager to step back into the Octagon. However, his path to a comeback has been fraught with delays and uncertainties.

Rumors of McGregor's return have circulated for over a year, with initial plans to participate in The Ultimate Fighter alongside fellow coach Michael Chandler in 2023. Yet, complications, including re-entering the UFC's anti-doping program, pushed back his anticipated return. Hopes were briefly raised for a spot on the historic UFC 300 card in April, only to be dashed once more.

Recently, McGregor announced intentions to face Chandler on June 29, coinciding with UFC 303 during this year's International Fight Week. However, UFC CEO Dana White poured cold water on the proposal, expressing a desire to have McGregor back in action by the fall.

The constant delays and uncertainties surrounding his next fight have taken a toll on McGregor, who voiced his frustration via Instagram Stories, saying, "Still holding hope for June 29. Lack of action on it, however, is now causing lack of enthusiasm. I need a decision soon."

McGregor lamented the current state of the game, describing it as "lackluster," which compounds his eagerness to return to the Octagon. "I hope these next few cards pop and I get a date. Eliminate distractions and begin real work towards it," he added.

Despite McGregor's readiness to return to the cage, no official reason has been given for the prolonged delay. Dana White hinted at the potential influence of McGregor's financial standing, stating, "Conor McGregor doesn’t need the f****** money. So, when you don’t need the money, it’s not as easy."

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As the wait for McGregor's return continues, fans and pundits alike remain hopeful that the Irish superstar will soon grace the Octagon once again, bringing his electrifying presence and undeniable talent back to the forefront of the UFC.


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