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Conor McGregor hoping to fight Manny Pacquiao in December in Saudi Arabia

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Calendar Icon06 March 2024

In a recent Instagram Q&A session, the former two-division UFC champion, Conor McGregor, provided insights into his future in combat sports, igniting speculation and excitement among fans. McGregor revealed his desire to make a comeback in June and expressed plans for another fight later in the year.

Notably, McGregor addressed the topic of Saudi Arabia's involvement in boxing, a country that has hosted several high-profile boxing events in Riyadh, featuring renowned athletes such as Mike Tyson and Cristiano Ronaldo. When asked about Saudi Arabia's impact on the sport, McGregor spoke glowingly of their influence and hinted at the possibility of facing boxing legend Manny Pacquiao in the country later this year.

In response to a question regarding a potential boxing match against Pacquiao, McGregor tantalizingly wrote, "It's still there. Could be December. The Saudi's are game changers in the market 100%."

McGregor's comments have sparked intrigue and anticipation among fans, eager to witness the outcome of his outlined plans for 2024. With his return to the UFC and a potential boxing match against Pacquiao on the horizon, all eyes are on McGregor as he navigates his combat sports journey.

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As fans eagerly await further developments, the potential for McGregor's aspirations to materialize adds an exciting dimension to the combat sports landscape. UFC CEO


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