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Chihiro Sawada Reflects plans to gain experience before going for title shot

LockerRoom Team
12 March 2024

In a thrilling showcase of skill and determination, Chihiro Sawada emerged victorious over Jihin Radzuan at ONE Fight Night 20, solidifying her presence in the competitive landscape of mixed martial arts. Following her impressive win, Sawada offered insights into her mindset and aspirations, shedding light on her journey in the sport.

When asked about her belief in deserving Jihin Radzuan's spot in the rankings, Sawada exuded confidence, stating, "I’m confident that I can take her spot in the rankings and that I can be even better than her." This declaration underscores Sawada's determination to climb the ranks and establish herself as a formidable force in her division.

Reflecting on the significance of her victory against Radzuan, Sawada expressed profound gratitude and respect for her opponent. She remarked, "My victory means a lot to me. I think it’s because my opponent was Jihin herself." Acknowledging Radzuan's skill and experience, Sawada emphasized her admiration for the challenging opponent she faced in her debut fight.

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Looking ahead, Sawada remains focused on the path to success, recognizing that her victory propels her into contention against even stronger adversaries. "This victory is going to make me a ranked athlete," Sawada acknowledged, setting her sights on future challenges with humility and determination. Despite her aspirations to eventually vie for the world title, Sawada remains grounded, acknowledging the need for continuous improvement and experience before pursuing such lofty goals.

As she continues her journey in the world of mixed martial arts, Sawada approaches each bout with the mindset of a challenger, determined to hone her skills and rise through the ranks. With her unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence, Sawada stands poised to make a significant impact on the sport, inspiring fans and fellow athletes alike with her passion and resilience.


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