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BRAVE CF President highlights importance of Colombia within the MMA Ecosystem

LockerRoom Team
06 August 2023

With each passing event, Colombia solidifies its position as a cherished waypoint in the thrilling journey of BRAVE Combat Federation across the global MMA landscape.

As the countdown to the third instalment on August 12 gains momentum, BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid seizes the moment to contemplate the profound significance that Colombia holds within the intricate tapestry of the most far-reaching promotion in the sport.

Colombia, a South American gem, has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of BRAVE's narrative, emerging as a recurrent and pivotal stop on the promotion's electrifying voyage.

As the stage is set for the third spectacular event on August 12, President Mohammed Shahid offers insight into the profound role that Colombia plays within the MMA ecosystem meticulously crafted by the most expansive promotion in the world.

“We can’t achieve our goal to globalize and develop an infrastructure for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts without reach”, Mr. Shahid explained. “For this purpose, of course, new markets are always being added to our global footprint but, at the same time, others like Colombia become recurrent hosts and focal points for their regions”.

“When we first visited Colombia, back in 2018, the country had never held an international MMA event before”, he continued. “Now, 5 years later, we can see the results. Bogota will host the Pan American Championships, the first BRAVE International Combat Week in the region, gathering hundreds of athletes from the continent and around the world, capturing global audiences”.

“With the partnership with BRAVE CF, Colombia became a hotbed for talent, gathered through our recognized global scouting program, and a key market for hosting events as well – with full infrastructure, qualified teams to work, and massive local audience”, Mr. Shahid analyzed.


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