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BRAVE CF 65: Colombia rallies behind Eduardo Mora ahead of main event

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Calendar Icon27 October 2022

Ahead of his important BRAVE CF Featherweight match tomorrow, Eduardo "El Burro" Mora has the support of the Colombian people. Mora competes in the main event of BRAVE CF 65 tomorrow night in the Kingdom of Bahrain against Bahraini MMA standout and former top BRAVE CF Bantamweight contender Hamza Kooheji. El Burro, who is beloved throughout his native Colombia and the rest of Latin America, has emerged as the sport's golden kid.

Messages of support have been streaming in over social media these past few days with fellow fighters, former opponents, judges and referees all showing their love for ''El Burro''. “I would like to send ‘El Burro’ all my good energy. I know that, like all Colombian people, he’s a fighter, not just inside the cage but also outside. He's been a fighter all of his life, and with all the things we have to face and survive in our country,” said Colombian MMA referee and the first woman to ever oversee a BRAVE CF fight, Yeimy Ariza. “I am sending you all my best energy and pride seeing as you go to the top.

“I recall how you came up through the amateur scene, I remember it very well and how your nickname came up. Just know that your teachers and coaches are behind you, they are committed to you and always will be as you have always given them your best. “I know that, at BRAVE CF 65, Colombia will be well-represented,” she added.

When Mora fights Kooheji this weekend in an intercontinental Featherweight match that is expected to light up Bahrain's night sky, he will be the ideal embodiment of Colombian MMA, having advanced from the sport's grassroots to the most international platform.

With three Amateur Colombian crowns and a silver medal in the Pan-American Sambo Championship, he is a renowned Colombian athlete who has achieved great success. He is the true face of Colombian combat sports.

These accomplishments put him on the right track to win the Colombia leg of the Road to BRAVE CF. He subsequently embarked on a five-fight winning streak, dominating the regional South American opposition, before losing to South Africa's Nkosi Ndebele, BRAVE CF's number-five-ranked Bantamweight, in a unanimous decision at BRAVE CF 60.

Mora still hasn't claimed that prized international victory, but he now has a fantastic chance to do it against one of the top international athletes on the BRAVE CF team.

El Burro could advance to contender status with a victory over Kooheji in the third and final leg of the Kombat Kingdom series, but this battle will not be simple as the dangerous Kooheji is looking for payback after losing the BRAVE CF Bantamweight crown to Canada's Brad Katona at BRAVE CF 57.

Kooheji will be especially motivated to win over his supporters since he finished second behind Katona in the same venue when BRAVE CF 65 was held there. But "El Burro" is used to being the underdog and dealing with adversity.

“There have been many times that I have had to travel and fight the hometown fighter, in Bolivia and Puerto Rico, for example. In those moments, I had the entire crowd against me, but in the end I came out of that cage victorious and I believe this time it will happen again. I always imagine all the yelling and fanfare to be in my favor, and that makes me stronger,” said Mora.

The epic nine-day Kombat Kingdom MMA festival will come to a close with BRAVE CF 65 tomorrow, October 28, following the triumph of BRAVE CF 63 and 64. Visit for more details on BRAVE CF's Kombat Kingdom series.


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