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Aung La believes that Michael Chandler will smash Conor McGregor

LockerRoom Team
29 March 2023

Former ONE Championship champion Aung La N Sang feels that Michael Chandler would smash Conor McGregor if the two were to fight.

Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor are expected to lock horns after the two served as coaches on the latest Ultimate Fighter Season. Aung La, who is also the teammate of Chandler, was asked about the fight during a recent interview with Helen Yee.

In the interview, Aung La noted that Chandler has what it takes to smash Conor McGregor.

“I gotta go with my boy [Micheal Chandler]. You can't not go with your boy you know.  I see him taking him down and smashing him or just you know beating him on the feet. I think he's going to be hungrier than Conor is so it's gonna be a fun fight either way,” Aung La noted.

He was also asked about the fact that Conor McGregor is not in the USADA testing pool at the moment. As per the USADA rules, a fighter should be in the testing pool for minimum six months before being able to compete.

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However, Aung La feels that McGregor might end up getting an exception.

“Yeah it is a little questionable but when you have content kind of money, I don't think it matters. You know but it'd be a fun fight. Conor has been out of the game for a while um stylistically I like it and Chandler is one of those guys that are super explosive and can close the distance really fast. So I see it being a good fight for Chandler. As far as Conor and his is antiques, I don't know you know it's not going to play a factor. I don't think it's gonna play a factor at all,” Aung La added.

Aung La on the Jorge Masvidal vs. Gilbert Burns fight

The Burmese Python also gave his thoughts on the showdown between Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal.

“That's gonna be a fun fight for the fans. Jorge always brings it and you know Gilbert always brings it. Brings his fight as well. It's gonna end with a bang. I feel like Gilbert's training so hard and he's still on that same momentum from his last fight which ended really quickly you know of Neil Magny. So it's gonna be a fun one,” Aung La added.

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