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Worst fight ever: Fans slam Astrid Wett vs. Alexia Grace Boxing Match

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Calendar Icon15 October 2023

In a heated showdown, Astrid Wett secured victory and bragging rights over her Misfits Boxing rival, Alexia Grace. The clash between the two personalities took place on the undercard of the highly-anticipated KSI vs. Tommy Fury pay-per-view event.

Astrid Wett emerged triumphant in the much-publicized battle, but despite the hype, viewers expressed disappointment with the bout, taking to social media platforms to voice their critiques.

One disheartened fan remarked, "This might be the worst fight ever," while another suggested, "Stop this fight, I can't stop laughing." A third viewer simply labeled it a "trash fight."

The tension between Wett and Grace had been building throughout the fight week, culminating in several confrontations. Wett made a charged appearance across the stage at Alexia during Thursday's press conference, later releasing a disstrack aimed at her opponent.

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The animosity escalated further during the weigh-ins on Friday, where both fighters had to be restrained by security. The lingerie-clad weigh-in added a provocative touch to their X-rated final face-off, creating a dramatic lead-up to the main event.

Despite the criticism surrounding the fight, the intense rivalry between Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace has undoubtedly left an impression on the audience, sparking debates about the nature of such clashes in the world of entertainment and sports.


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