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VIDEO: Logan Paul gets DQ win over Dillon Danis after brawl breaks out

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Calendar Icon15 October 2023

In a highly anticipated showdown that saw YouTube sensation Logan Paul face off against mixed martial artist Dillon Danis at Misfits Boxing Prime Card, the bout ended in chaotic fashion, leaving fans and pundits with a bitter taste despite Paul's apparent dominance.

For the better part of six rounds, Logan Paul showcased his boxing prowess, consistently outstriking and overwhelming Dillon Danis. However, the fight took an unexpected turn when, in a last-ditch effort, Danis attempted a guillotine choke after a failed takedown. Paul, displaying resilience, shook off the submission attempt, responding with a punch on the grounded Danis.

The situation escalated quickly, leading to a near riot as security rushed into the ring to separate the fighters. Notably, Jake Paul, Logan's younger brother, found himself in the middle of the chaos. After order was restored, announcer Michael Buffer confirmed that Paul had won every round on the scorecards. However, the victory was tainted as Danis was disqualified for the controversial and illegal move that concluded the fight.

“He’s supposed to be good at jiu-jitsu, what happened?” Logan Paul questioned after the event. "Dillon Danis truly is a coward. Just a dirty, dirty human being."

Even before the disqualification, Danis' approach to the fight raised eyebrows. Throughout the six rounds, he threw fewer than 10 punches, opting instead to taunt Paul rather than actively engage in the contest. Paul, undeterred by Danis' lack of aggression, continued to unleash a relentless barrage of punches, some of which found their mark as the damage accumulated on Danis.

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With both the dominant performance by Logan Paul and the controversial ending, the aftermath of the fight leaves many questioning the sportsmanship of the participants and the overall integrity of the bout. The unsatisfying conclusion may spark debates about the future of exhibition matches and the line between entertainment and competitive sports.


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