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Art of Combat 10 Results: Shoaib Khan gets Dominant Victory in the Main Event

LockerRoom Team
21 May 2023

In a fitting ending to an evening filled with adrenaline and fierce competition, Art of Combat 10 reached its zenith with Shoaib Khan, representing XFC/KOI Combat Academy, taking center stage in the main event. Goa witnessed a thrilling display of skill, determination, and unwavering fighting spirit as Shoaib Khan faced off against Abraruddin from SFC Calicut.

The anticipation in the air was palpable as Shoaib Khan entered the cage with the intent of leaving a lasting impression. As the rounds progressed, Shoaib Khan showcased his prowess, securing a decisive unanimous decision victory over Abraruddin.

In other notable matchups, Sudip Jamatia of Tripura Legends secured a second-round knockout against Lucky Gotekar from Tash’s Pro MMA in a captivating showdown. Vikas Prajapati of Sculpt Fitness and MMA displayed tactical brilliance, earning a unanimous decision victory over Hammad Shaikh from Team Vipers.

Ram Krishna Behera of Tashi’s Pro MMA demonstrated his mettle with a second-round referee stoppage against Saurav Kulal from Ground Borne. The night also saw Aijak Jamtia of Tripura Legends, Shane Smith of Tashi’s Pro MMA, and Chandan Mandal of Tashi’s Pro MMA clinching victories with impressive stoppages.

The undercard featured equally thrilling contests, with Nitesh Kumar of Monkey Mayhem delivering a first-round knockout, and Vaishnavi Gandhi of Total Combat Fitness securing a third-round stoppage.

You can see the complete results below.

 Art of Combat 10 Results:

  • Sudip Jamatia (Tripura Legends) def. Lucky Gotekar (Tash’s Pro MMA) via Second Round KO
  • Vikas Prajapati (Sculpt Fitness and MMA) def. Hammad Shaikh (Team Vipers) via Unanimous Decision
  • Ram Krishna Behera (Tashi’s Pro MMA) def. Saurav Kulal (Ground Borne) via Second Round Referee Stoppage
  • Jamshed Vazifdar (Tribal Warriors) def. Aaron Francis (Tribal Warriors) via split decision
  • Aijak Jamtia (Tripura Legends) def. Alex Fernandes (Tashi’s Pro MMA) via First Round Referee Stoppage
  • Shane Smith (Tashi’s Pro MMA) def. Samarajit Jamatia (Tripura Legends) via Second Round Referee Stoppage
  • Chandan Mandal (Tashi’s Pro MMA) def. Naveen (Coorg Combat Club) via Unanimous Decision
  • Kenneth Fernandes (Tashi’s Pro MMA) def. Ishaan Konwar (Tripura Legends) via Second Round Referee Stoppage
  • Nitesh Kumar (Monkey Mayhem) def. Jeet Prakash (Tribal Warriors) via First Round KO
  • Vaishnavi Gandhi (Total Combat Fitness) def. Nanvar Hrangkawl (Tripura Legends) via Third Round Referee Stoppage
  • Prajwal Shivarudrap (C3 MMA) def. Norbu Lama (Tashi’s Pro MMA) via First Round Submission
  • Igor Smart (Tribal Warriors) def. Hritik Savant (RUFF MMA) via Unanimous Decision
  • Nikhil Thapa (XFC) def. Laxman Lamani (Tashi’s Pro MMA) via Unanimous Decision
  • Shoaib Khan (XFC/KOI Combat Academy) def. Abraruddin (SFC Calicut) via Unanimous Decision

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