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Art of Combat 9 Results: Waheeb Wakeel stops Balveer Singh in main event

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Calendar Icon30 November 2023

On a night that will be etched in the history of mixed martial arts in Goa, Art of Combat 9 unfolded at Tribal Warriors in Goa on December 17, 2022. The event brought together a diverse array of fighters, each eager to prove their mettle in the unforgiving environment of the octagon.

The opening bout featured a showdown between Laxman Lamani of Tashi’s Pro MMA and Sachit Nayak of Tribal Warriors. Lamani seized the spotlight with a third-round TKO, showcasing his striking prowess and determination to secure victory.

Noah Ivaldi of New Wave Academy wasted no time in setting the tone for the evening. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, Ivaldi secured a first-round submission against Lekhraj Bagdewar from Lekhraj Sports, underscoring his ground game expertise.

Abhishek Kumar of ICSA delivered a powerful statement in the cage, earning a first-round TKO victory over Mhazar Hussain from Tashi’s Pro MMA. Kumar's striking display demonstrated his ability to finish fights early in impressive fashion.

Siddharth Kothapalli of Team Relentless showcased his submission skills, securing a first-round victory over Nishant Jah from 8 Limbs Muay Thai. Kothapalli's efficient ground game set the stage for an electrifying win.

Ajay Induchoodan of ICSA continued the trend of swift victories, submitting Hrishikesh from SFC Calicut in the first round. Induchoodan's grappling prowess was on full display as he added another submission win to the night.

Prasanjeet Prakash of Tribal Warriors Goa engaged in a battle that went the distance against Abdul Kahaf of ICSA. Prakash emerged victorious with a unanimous decision, demonstrating his ability to navigate the full duration of a competitive bout.

The early finishes continued as Korouhenba Urungpural of RMX Manipur secured a first-round TKO victory against Lekhraj Bagdewar from Lekhraj Sports Academy, showcasing his striking dominance.

Raj Kumar of ICSA faced off against Igor Smart of Tribal Warriors Goa, earning a second-round TKO victory in an impressive display of striking skill.

Vishnu Warrier of Team Relentless claimed a victory via a unanimous decision against Abraruddin from SFC Calicut. Warrier's ability to control the pace and dictate the fight over three rounds solidified his win.

In a compelling showdown that went into the third round, Waheeb Wakeel of ICSA secured a submission victory against Balveer Singh Tomar from Yogya MMA, closing the night with a flourish.

Art of Combat 9 Results

  • Laxman Lamani (Tashi’s Pro MMA) def. Sachit Nayak (Tribal Warriors) via Third Round TKO
  • Noah Ivaldi (New Wave Academy) def. Lekhraj Bagdewar (Lekhraj Sports) via First-Round Submission
  • Abhishek Kumar (ICSA) def. Mhazar Hussain (Tashi’s Pro MMA) via First Round TKO
  • Siddharth Kothapalli (Team Relentless) def. Nishant Jah (8 Limbs Muay Thai) via First Round Submission
  • Ajay Induchoodan (ICSA) def. Hrishikesh (SFC Calicut) via First Round Submission
  • Prasanjeet Prakash (Tribal Warriors Goa) def. Abdul Kahaf (ICSA) via Unanimous Decision
  • Korouhenba Urungpural (RMX Manipur) def. Lekhraj Bagdewar (Lekhraj Sports Academy) via First Round TKO
  • Raj Kumar (ICSA) def. Igor Smart (Tribal Warriors Goa) via Second Round TKO
  • Vishnu Warrier (Team Relentless) def. Abraruddin (SFC Calicut) via Unanimous Decision
  • Waheeb Wakeel (ICSA) def. Balveer Singh Tomar (Yogya MMA) via Third round Submission

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