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Exclusive: Anshul Jubli had broken toe ahead of Road to UFC win, reveals Somesh

LockerRoom Team
01 November 2022

Anshul Jubli made a statement at the Road to UFC Semi-Finals when he secured a win over Kyung Kim Pyo in Abu Dhabi.

A veteran of South Korean MMA, Kim was one of the favourites in the Lightweight bracket of the Road to UFC. Anshul managed to edge out Kim after a three-round war and has now earned himself a spot in the finals of the lightweight bracket.

While it all seemed as per plan, Anshul went into the semi-final clash with an injury. The same was revealed by Somesh Kamra who has been working with the UFC and Anshul’s team for Road to UFC.

In an exclusive interview with LockerRoom India, Somesh revealed that Anshul had a broken toe two weeks prior to the fight with Kim.

“For the first time in this interview, I will say Anshul went into the fight with an injury but we didn't disclose it to anyone and he clearly said that you know I'm not going to make excuses I'm going to land up there. He had a broken toe let me tell you that he had a broken toe which happened uh two weeks before the fight,” Somesh noted.

He further went on to add that a joint call was taken by the team to push through and compete.

“You know and we took a joint call and said that we aren't going to pull out uh you know we're gonna take the legal medication that is allowed and we're going to go in there and put on a performance of our life,” he added.

Somesh concluded by saying that the Indian fans need to rally behind the fighters and the team.

“I would just request you guys to Believe in Us, believe in the fighters believe in the management, believe in me because I'm looking at guys you know I'm looking at guys so let's let's just do it together. The only way we can do it is if we stick as a unit and stay as a unit you know suggestions are always welcome but let's be a unit let's do this together we had the first Indian victory in the UFC Octagon. I'm telling you the finals are going to be an absolute Banger uh hopefully we can do this again on a larger scale with Indian Fighters but if we have the crowd behind our guy,” he concluded.

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What do you think of Anshul fighting through the injury to compete at the Road to UFC semi-finals? Let us know in the comments below.


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