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Ann Mary Philip and Shahansha secure wins for India in Thailand

LockerRoom Team
21 February 2024

Indian fighters Ann Mary Philip and Shahansha secured wins in Thailand and waved the national flag high on Thai soil.

Two fighters hailing from SpaRing, Ernakulam, showcased their skills and secured impressive victories at the Bangtao Fight Night held on February 17, 2024, at the Bangtao MMA and Muay Thai Gym in Thailand.

The event witnessed fighters from diverse backgrounds and countries, representing various gyms such as Tiger Muay Thai, Somalee, and Southside, gathered from across Phuket, Thailand.

Shahansha K S, known as "The Fearless," demonstrated his prowess in a thrilling three-round MMA bout in the Featherweight category. He emerged victorious with a unanimous decision against Anwar Gilbert from Italy, captivating the audience with his remarkable performance.

Meanwhile, Ann Mary Philip, affectionately dubbed "FighterMom," showcased her skills in a three-round Kickboxing match in the Strawweight category. With determination and skill, she secured a unanimous decision win against Hayley Louise from the UK, further solidifying her reputation as a formidable competitor.

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